Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I am still in Florida, I have a blocked kidney right now and am really doped up. My husband will be coming down to pick me up and drive me back home this weekend, hopefully after I have some sort of relief bringing surgery! Kidney stones suck!

but what doesn’t Suck is all the entries I got for our GIVING IS AWESOME contest. I have had plenty of reading material!

So without further Ado I present to you our TWO winners!

The Marchant Family – Nominated by the Gentry Family
The Asselin Family– Nominated by The Best Family

The nominated families receive a Full session and a High resolution disc of images and 4×6 prints to match in a custom image box (over $2000)
The Nominating Families recieve a $300 Gift Certificate to use towards a session of their choice.

and because It was sooo hard to choose everyone deserved to be a winner, I just though everyone deserved and needed some beautiful portraits for thier homes!
The rest of the Nominated families will receive a $600 gift certificate to use as they wish ( that covers a session fee and many prints!)

the Nominating Families will recieve a $150 gift certificate to use as they wish!

Ok So I Haven’t emailed anyone yet, so if you know them tell them to look here! I will be happy to schedule thier sessions in soon as I am up to par and back to work!

and cause posting without pictures does suck.. feast your eyes on this beauty!

Kendall- 3 weeks old



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