what a week!

Well we went to the hospital to evict Samantha last Thursday.. but wouldn’t you know I left with a failed induction! she barely progressed at all after 9 hours of full dose pitocin..

So we went home with no baby


Sunday my mother was going to go back home to florida and come back after I had the baby, Sam was not ok with that decided to make her big debut at 3:58 Monday morning after 1.5 hours of labor. Yea, thats right.. It was soo fast we didn’t make it anywhere, not even to the car. by the time I realized it was real labor it was wayy to late!

I am so grateful my Doula was here! Christen totally kept calm and did what she needed to do to help me! It was great, My mother and Husband were literally watching water boil when they heard the baby cry. christen caught her, It was amazing!

I will post her full birth story later and lots of pics being done today!


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