I am a sucker for anything out of the box ordinary especially when it comes to clothes! my kids wear goloshes with their shorts and capes. its what they love, so I love it, and I don’t worry to much about appearances..

I am also addicted to etsy! I came across these vintage inspired dresses ( HAD to have them.  I got them to add to the business clothes in a size 2. they came in and I thought they would be waay to big on little emily to model..

hahaha yea right! she is a BIG girl! and fits perfectly in these! I encourage you to bring a fun and funky outfit to your session for your children, or concoct one from our pile of goodies! we have skirts and aprons and now these dresses and always adding more!

Your outfit can make or break a portrait and fun and colorful always work well for individual portraits of your children! call me before your session and we can talk more about how to find a funky outfit!


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