The Project

So I am a member of an online community of photographers. We share, inspire and support one another. Its truly a home for me. Recently we decided to do a Project. My theme is the details of my life. Its only one image a month, I am positive I can make this happen!

So I just submitted my images and wanted to share them with you all!

This month is all about my girls. They are going through some major changes and I don;t want to forget a moment of it.

First is Emmie Kate. 2 yrs old.. and potty training! I love everything about this image from her slight baby chub on her legs to her tiny fingers wrapped around her under roos.


Then There is Sam. Her first birthday is on the 11th!

where did that time go? She will be walking soon and with that comes thinning out and toddle features. I want to remember every bit of chunk on my sweet bubbly baby girl.



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