The Polar Express…

I am really behind in blogging, and facebooking and on and on. I know, no excuses, but good reasoning. I am currently closed for the Holidays. I plan to spend as much time with my family as possible. I will be answering emails as they come in, if you are a maternity or newborn please put it int he subject line so I will be sure to answer promptly, all others will be answered in my free time.



Every year when we close for the holidays I tell myself we are going to have all this fun and do a lot of things together as a family. Every year I fall short of this, when I start cleaning like a mad woman and doing school things, shopping, taking care of last minute clients..etc. This year I put my foot down. This year we ARE doing the fun family things I always see others do. We did the Christmas Parade ( no pics, that was crazy enough!) and we did breakfast with Santa, and watched my 5 year old do the night before Christmas play. ( pics later). Today  we went to the for a performance of  The polar Express.  We had low expectations for a few reasons. One, it was only $2 a kid.  Second, My kids may or may not go for this. So we went with open minds and hoping to have a good time.

The kids woke up this morning to our Elf, Snoopy Allen Jingle, having brought them all new pajamas and slippers to wear today. We had a BIG breakfast with all our favorites and showered, then we snuggled in our new jammies to watch the movie. After the movie was over we hopped into the car where we handed over their golden tickets..




Right away They get to see the big man who is making sure every little boy and girl has their golden tickets ready so they can board the train. I do realize I am missing a kid in this picture. I give up, its not worth the fight. *sigh*

Once everyone had arrived we made our way to the train station. Here is the point I got nervous. Christopher ( my 5 year old) gets very nerve wracked at these things, so I didn’t know if he would go on the train, or if he would freak his sisters out.. They went on without so much as a look back for comfort. Stinkers.

Emily had a small freak out when she the though the trains was actually going to leave us, and she came out for a second… then went back to her seat after we assured her she would not leave us. That girl is just to darn sweet for her own good.

I loved that the windows were frosted with snow and the glow they gave off was incredibly magical. I found myself wishing I was a kid again. How amazing this must be for them. They listened to the Polar express  story complete with dancing and lots of laughter

As they exited they all got a miniature Sleigh bell that Santa’s reindeer had left on the train ( during their reindeer convention, hahaha) Then we headed out for quality time with the man in red, cookies and cocoa. Again, I am not interested in making Christopher take a picture so he didn’t and I missed josh doing it

( We will do an official visit with Santa at Lights of the South next week, so no worries!)

A few pictures with the conductor and his elf assistant…

For our family, this was an incredible experience. I am so glad I took the time today to make my family a priority and really enjoy the time we have with them. It didn’t take a lot of money, just some of my time and attention to really make their day. I really hope they do this again next year the kids have already asked to do it again!

one last image, this one will be printed for our walls. something about it so ethereal and magical… I love this little baby and all her quirks and crazy she brings to our lives.


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