Thank You.

to everyone. My clients are the best there ever was. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with the connection some of us have. I know that I like ALL of you and wonder sometimes if that is mutual. I feel like a huge dorkus most of the time, but really love learning about your family and sharing about mine. About the time we are done with the session process I feel like I have made some great friends.

Customer Service is number one for me. Having a Large family I know that things happen. Like permanent marker all over your wall portrait, or the dog leaping into your car onto your order crushing things. Or even your child’s teacher chopping up your 5×7’s that your kid accidentally took to school and making a scrapbook out of them and tossing the rest.

I am always more than happy to help out. and in those instances those were fixed free of charge. I can’t say I can do that for everyone but I can ALWAYS help in some way, AND I enjoy it. I like helping people. not just people, my clients my friends.

But when I come home to this on my door step as a thank you. I really don’t know what to do. I didn’t do anything anyone else wouldn’t have done. but I love that it was appreciated, and I , in turn appreciate the gesture. I throughly enjoyed it. ALL.BY.MYSELF.

so for everything my clients do, the small things, like baby gifts, Stevie B’s buffet tokens ( thanks Cindi!) , The Christmas gifts, I could go on and on. It is appreciated. YOU are appreciated.



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