texture can really make or break a great portrait. Texture gives depth to an image that draws your eye in and can compliment the subject.

as I was out in the newly remodeled mall I picked up some really great items with texture. hats and scarves since its that time of year.

this hat is from the gap and this fur really caught my eye.. you can also get this look with the great coats they have out now with the fur trim. try to steer away from white texture and go with neutral colors or even some fun ones.


these knit skull hats and coordinating scarf have great color and really pop really great for kids and tweens even seniors!. got these at new york and co. and they have solid hats too which would be awesome for seniors and adults. all are awesome!



this adorable cupcake hat we got from gymboree. It is soo adorable for the under 1 year crowd. under 1 can get away with all the really cute cartoonish type things..


and this scarf has really great colors and the little balls at the ends give it that extra umph.


These are great winter textures.. you can bring texture in a sweater or jacket as well.

also don’t shun those lovey’s generally they are rubbed and nubby and perfect texture for your photograph.

soon they won’t need those loveys and you will want those photographs to remember.


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