so many adorable kids..

in one place! and they were ALL so well behaved! I couldn’t get over that I didn’t have to chase anyone down.. I hope they all had a great time!

I am no where near done proofing but here are some I do have for your viewing pleasure..

first up.. check the new blog header.. these twins were the cutest things.. from the freckles to the red hair (two of my favorite traits in kids) they just completley blew me away.

then their was their younger sister.. her cheeks and ,dear lord, the cutest boots I have EVER seen!



and their older sister. I am thinking their mom ( who is just as pretty) is in a whole lot of trouble!



When I talk about bringing things with texture. These girls hit the nail on the head. the hats and coats were perfect and brought so much more to the image. I have some other great examples from this day as well I will share later..

thanks girls for being soo great!

to be continued with more really gorgeous kids!


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