Slow and Sick

what a way to kick off 2008! SICK! blah.. I am moving very slowly trying to recover. so while I take my time getting better and getting the new stuff rolling.. you can enjoy these lovely images of some recent work!

first up.

Angel girl- Ilove,love,love her.. we made this appointment knowing we could only cross paths on this day.. it was sunny and great all day! then 1hour before session time.. rain and clouds rolled in. I was soo me and the sun are great friends! well..when Igot there the field and the just worked so well for me. AND mom was the ideal parent. she hung at her van while we ran around the field being monkeys. i could see her concern about her kids behaving..( as I would be with my own)and the kids were great! It is soo much easier for me to”make deals” and really get to know who THEY are when they aren’t putting on a show for mom and dad.


and this little angel also has a brother! he is ALL boy and I had my oldest hanging out with me and they played together famously like they have been friends forever!


until next time….


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