Sick…again, still, neverending…grrr

yep they’re BAAACCCK. The stones.. not the Rolling Stones, of course, I am talking about my Kidney stones. I am currently passing many, at least that’s what the docs say. I am pretty darn uncomfortable. It hurts to sit, stand, breathe..etc. The meds take the edge off but I am going stir crazy. Yes I am still working! I am sure to take my pills right before your session and I am good so don’t worry about that, plus If I don’t get out of this house for something I may implode!

For now I am just going very slowly and sleeping a lot! my husband has been a huge help working some nights to make up lost time, he is really good to me! I do have some super cute sessions to share and wanna start with this one. one of my fave famlies.. they are moving away

and we decided to document their favorite spots in their home they loved so much.

Cam has these amazing eyes that can grab your attention from anywhere in a room.

Avery is such a sweetie and is a really sweet big sister.

Brennen is a total turkey! lots of shots with his tougue at me!


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