not everyone can be a happy camper – Augusta, Georgia Childrens Photographer

It happens to all of us..seriously. You make plans for a session, buy clothes, pick a good time around naps, and still someone is cranky. I have five kids if I get them all happy at once, it s miracle!

Well this sweetie peetie family showed with one grumpy mumpy little boy. Big Sister Olivia was soo well behaved and did everything I asked, just gorgeous right?


then we had her twin brothers and boy were they polar opposites, at least for the time we spent together!


but never fear, auntie saved the day by telling funny stories and I was lucky enough to catch it!


and sometimes I break out the fun stuff like my two seater trike!




Here is a tip: If your kid is acting up or just being stubborn, take a step back and take a walk, the other way.  especially with younger or extra stubborn kids where bribing doesn’t work. I have NEVER had a session where I couldn’t crack a kid. It may take a while, but I have lots of patience and I run and shoot fast! Children will relax once the parents are not overhead. As parents we expect our children to behave ( I know I do!) and they can feel that, and when you are dealing with 2 and 3 year olds, they will dig their feet in and not give in just to win that battle.  Removing the battle will cause them to relax and we can play and bond and before they know they have let their guard down and are actually having a good time.

However, I can not guarantee when they return at the end of the session the good mood will not revert back! LOL

OK,  SO I have surgery tommorrow,  Orders will be delayed a bit,  But I do hope to have all sale orders and anything outstanding, in and ready for pickup by next friday.  Thanks for understanding, This should put me back to normal and back on track, hopefully choosing a studio in the next couple of weeks and ready to go in october!


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