Luke can not feel the force..

cause he is down for the count…  He was a great baby, super tiny. Mom and Dad were given this blankt and papoose,  part of their heritage. How could I NOT use it? its amazing


mom also had a bunch of classic pooh items for him. i thought this was very reminiscent of the classic style..


and this is one is because I was sooo jealous of thier gorgeous floors, if I could have taken them home with I just might have..


I am so thankful to have wonderful clients who truly value and tresure the work I do. I am also thankful tot hose who honk when they see my van ( am alittle slow to respond, sorry!) and greatful for those who will attack my husband when hes alone in my van, telling him all sorts of love for me ( seriously it has happened more than 3 times, poor guy)

It truly amazes me that that many people even know my name. Thank you to all of you, you are the reason I do what I do.

Today we have some twins and a gorgeous little princess that are gonna be amazing.. I better be going before I am late!


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