Kidney Stones and other Family Favorites

Hey everyone! Its been a while. Many things have happened with my kidneys and I going to give you the whole scoop right now!

So way back in July I got my first Kidney stone. It felt like bad back cramps on my right side, or like I had slept wrong for a few days. When it didn’t go away after a week, I had a Ct scan. It showed the stone and others and it passed pretty easily.

I went to Florida to recoup at my moms and so my kids could visit their Nana and grandma. we were to leave on July 29th. The day before I went shopping with my grandmother. At our last stop, and the holy grail, Target, I started having back pain. we cut the trip short to get me home to my pain meds. I thought I just over did it. the short twenty minute ride home became excruciating. I decided to use the ER closest to my moms home about 4 blocks away instead of the “good” hospital in Pensacola about a 20 minute drive. by the time I got into the Er I was in tears and screaming. 3 hours later I had been given a shot and had an ultrasound to see my kidney was blocked ( hence all the pain!). I kid you not when I say childbirth was MUCH easier!

I had an xray and they didn’t see the stone. It was debated to keep me in or not and they sent me home to my moms. I passed the stone that night and kept it for testing. I ended up feeling better the next morning and drove home. I was suppose to have stint put in then but it passed and all was well.

Everything has been fine up until last week. Sunday the 23rd I couldn’t sleep I was very uncomfortable on my LEFT side. ( FUN FACT: Most people only get ONE kidney stone, I am really lucky. Even less get them on BOTH sides!) at 3 am I finally passed out. at 8am My third child had an appointment to get his ear tubes removed. I went and while my husband dropped the children off at school The pain became unbearable again. My Best friend Lisa ( you all know Lisa!) saved the day and took me over to my primary care doc who sent me to the ER .

We decided on Doctors Hospital, and the ER was FANTASTIC . They were nothing like nothing like the ER in Florida. I had pain meds in about 15 minutes. Seriously, they don’t play with pain over there. I was then admitted. and stayed until I was released Wednesday night, after much begging on my part!
In the Hospital I had a handful of rockin’ nurses ( Daphne, Chenelle, Amanda, my night nurse on Tuesday at midnight, Cara, and Kiki ) the rest left much to be desired!

Monday night a urologist came in and swept me down to the operating room and put a urethral stint in from my bladder to my kidney. I was asleep for the actual procedure. Let me tell you its what they DON”T tell you that sucks. Having this thing in is no picnic in the park, that’s for sure. I was told moving around to much will irritate it! hah! apparently whoever neglected to mention this to me BEFORE surgery didn’t hear about my FIVE kids!

So next Thursday I go have this taken out, and I have my very own Nephrologist, now to help me go through a battery of tests to find out why my body hates me! I am working currently from my couch, some things were delayed obviously, but I am now weaning off the pain meds and can focus more on emails and things like that! THANK YOU for all your support!

ok now onto more awesome things..

so the Augusta Family Favorites ( OH MY GOSH!! I can’t believe we even made the top three much Less WON , TWO categories even! We have been in Augusta for 3 years now and I feel so incredibly blessed to have the clients that I do.  much less to have enough fans to vote for me. I truly humbled and honored to be considered the Family Favorite for Non-Traditional Children’s photographer and Maternity portraits!

Seriously Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am hoping some even better news comes in this weekend that will allow me to go retail and offer some more awesome services for ALL of you!

and heres a little sweetie peetie for you to feast your eyes on today. Her mommy and I were friends since 8th Grade! She is now a big sister, too! I just couldn’t resist her!



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