your session

hether you are having a private session, mini session, portrait event or even a day in the life. its all going to start with an email. we start by booking your date and location. then i want to talk with you about your vision. what you expect or want from your session. whether that is formal portraits or just a fun play session.

I will help you with clothing, ideas, anything you need. once we get to your session i like to take a relaxed approach. stress, or frustration will never photograph well. If your children are excited and rambunctious and your getting on tot hem to listen and I say, mom ( or dad or grandma..etc) its ok.  I MEAN it. i have seen it all. most of the time i will ask you to take a walk or just distance your self so i can sit with them and converse ( possibly bribe) them into cooperation. i can count on one hand how many times that has not been successful int he last ten years. it works!

after your session is over i will let you know an estimated time of return. once your proofs are ready i will send you a quick email letting you know. at that point you can choose to see them in any 4 day window you desire. you will pick your package and place your order in this time.

once your order has been placed you will be able to download web sized files for immediate sharing. I will then deliver your high resolution images in the format of your choice, either through download or with a flash drive.

then all their si to do is ENJOY. we recommend printing a set of 4x6s of your images for keepsakes right away and making multiple copies of your files in the various backup systems ( hard drive, online storage, disc, flash drive, etc.) pictures are meant to be shared and enjoyed so make sure you don;t leave them on your computer or in drawer somewhere, hang them up, put them in an album send some to family and cherish them.

then you should start considering your next session… ;P

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