and when mom said, they have long curly hair.. she meant it.  I am *SOOO* glad I do not have t be the one that deals with the TWO 5 year old’s with hair like that everyday, the knots, the tangles the catching in the door, the frizz ball if it is messed with too much… But the photographer in me is screaming I LOVE their hair, its great and funky and fun and awesome texture… *drool*

Brianna and Ava will be driving their daddy to the brink of insanity, I for see heavy duty locks being installed on their doors…


sisters at their finest


however I am willing to do what it takes to get the shot..including bringing this NUTCASE (as seen below) with me 😉 I LOVE YOU LISA ( don’t kill me for posting that)



and if you aren’t getting your hair done with lisa.. then email me.. you can’t afford not to. seriously. She is amazing. if you have ever met me, you know I have very thick and coarse hair, its awful..and she makes it look purty. and sometimes I get fun stuff like red!!( pics to come of that… day.)


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