A Day in Your Life

The “A Day in Your Life” Session

“A Day in Your Life”  is a compilation of video and stills captured over the course of a 3 to 4 hour session during which I will film and shoot.  These sessions are intended to capture the everyday magic that we tend to take for granted during the hustle and bustle of the day.

I have found the “A Day in Your Life”  sessions to be extremely rewarding and magical to create. I genuinely adore each and every moment and truly love putting it all together into something that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Planning for “A Day in Your Life

Prior to your session, we will discuss the details, such as the type of day that you would like to capture as a memory, the wardrobe, and the activities. The location can be in and around your home or even a destination. As we work out the details, we will put it all into a timeline of events and activities to ensure that you and your family can enjoy your time together as the session goes on.

“A Day in Your Life” Portfolio

Fowler from nicole pitts on Vimeo.


Check out many more days over on our Vimeo page.

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