Budget Shopping..

I am on a budget, are you? Probably.. I am going to help you get the most bang for your buck with clothes for your session with accesories..

Layering in textures can really change the look of an image. especially for the 5 age range and up!!!

You have the basics at home by just getting some fun accessories you can really make it a wow image. get your fav jeans a solid tee..and lets start layering! You don’t have to buy entire new outfits ( unless you want to!!) when a few extras can change the look of a t-shirt and jeans to fabulous!

the power of a bold belt is amazing. throw it over a t and jeans make your outfit trendy. take this awesome headband thin with a medium sized flower that is a sweet accesory. shoes are important, if you are going to wear them, make it fun, take it up a notch and pair with solid bobby socks or funky knee highs.


Hats, scarves, and more..

Hats with texture and fit are great to change head and shoulder shots.. add in a  great scarf and wala, outfit change!

I love sunglasses even it we just put them on top of the head , fun necklaces can add depth and layer in texture and color.


These things can all be found at normal places online like the gap.com, mini boden, crew cuts, oldnavy, or places like target, ross, marshalls.. anywhere!  For your session bring what you have and I can piece and arrange the outfits to look amazing!

and the best part is.. we are having a contest and all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post!! make sure you have your emailed linked.. winner will be announced July 4th!

a FREE session and I will do the accesorizing!!


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