April Mini Sessions -Augusta baby and family photographer-

Wow, look two blogs in a month, I am on a roll now! I have no idea why it doesn’t occur to me to update the blog more often. I wonder if its face books influence. I am always posting things over there ( so check it out if you want to see all the new stuff!) and then promptly forget to post it here! I hate that, I am going to change that. I say I am going to that more often and I don’t. I think it seems from feeling terrible about my writing. I would rather just talk to someone than write. You can call me anyway and I love to talk or listen to you. But ask me to write a paragraph and I just clam up and put it off as long as possible. For our spring mini sessions We went out to the mazing local Steeds Dairy. If you haven’t been, I am sure your kids has taken a field trip out there! One of our days ended up raining out and we had some make up days that others came to and We ended up with lots and lots of gorgeous images.


Since we are in the process of moving I am trying to, not necessarily re-invent myself, but find a more specific niche. I LOVE newborns. I HATE lugging my stuff around. I love toddlers and they are probably the most rewarding and best boot camp I could ever do! Toddler safe testy little creatures and you never know what you are going to get. Middle kids are probably the easiest, but the stiffest. Families,there is always someone with wonky smile. They are probably my favorite though. I like interactive images not necessarily those all looking at the camera. I am working on a personal project top kind of develop that a little bit more. I am hoping next week we will have an amazing blog post about a family I am hanging out with on monday. It is a totally new concept for me and products for you. Stay tuned for the awesomeness!


ok so back to what I was saying. Mini sessions, thats right. I wanted to share a little of each and show you what we get in those 30 minute time slots. We are going to have another mini day this summer so let me know if you are interested in that!




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